What did you think of our yoga instructors? 

Last Thursday we had Marisa teach and today/Tuesday we had Allison teach.

Of course, each instructor is unique with their own style and passion but we would love to know which instructor you prefer and how we can make the experience better tailored to your interests and goals. 

  • Did you attend both classes? If yes, which instructor do you prefer and why?
  • If you only had a chance to attend one of these classes, do let us know which class and what you thought of the instructor. 
  • Any suggestions for what would get you even more jazzed for class?
  • Anything else come up for you that you would like to share?

This feedback form is strictly anonymous [we won't even see your email address].


Thank you so much for taking time to fill this out and share with us your thoughts.
It is our best way to assure that we exceed your expectations.