Total Transformation

Results-driven combination of Boot Camp & Yoga


Begin a new chapter in your life. Transform your body, mind & spirit in just 1 month!

Close your eyes and Visualize what your life would be like if you achieved breakthroughs in your entire being – a complete body, mind and spirit renewal. Now imagine that happening in one month. That’s FitLiv’s Total Transformation. Our most effective program for those committed to what is possible in their life.

By alternating between boot camp and yoga each day, you will be amazed how quickly you will see changes in all aspects of your life and body.


You will experience

  1. Calm clear mind

  2. rock solid core and balance

  3. strong and flexible body

  4. calm and clear mind

  5. renewed confidence and spirit

  6. amped up metabolism

I feel great after 5 weeks of Total Transformation. The combination of the two classes allowed me to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks. I feel great, look better and am significantly stronger than when I started. I have dropped an entire pants size and feel great in clothes I have not worn in years. I am amazed at how much progress I have made and continually excited to go to Boot Camp and PowerFit Yoga!”

Anna B.

24/7 Approach to Remarkable Change

Exercise + Yoga + Nutrition + Healthy Habits = Total Transformation

How you live your life 24/7 is as important to us as when you are with us. For this reason, our Nutrition & Healthy Habits for Life curriculum is a huge component included in the Total Transformation package.

Our goal is that our systematic and simple approach to proper nutrition and establishing life-enriching habits become second nature after one month of guidance, repetition and community support.

Learn more about the Nutrition and Healthy Habits for Life curriculum

Your FitLiv Community – With you Every Step

You’ll come for the results.  You’ll stay for the community! When this powerful dynamic duo of boot camp and yoga is harmonized with your FitLiv community of empowered like-minded adults the magic really happens!

Until you experience it, you won’t know the significance your FitLiv community will play in your transformation and the fun you will have.  Friendships are formed quickly. Each day your small group will cheer, high-five, laugh, cry, whine and support each other and create a tight-knit bond.

Common Questions

1. Can I attend Boot Camp at one location and PowerFit Yoga class in another?

Absolutely. You can choose to attend our Fitness Boot Camp at any location and at any class time. Do note though that our PowerFit Yoga program is only held in Boulder.

If you are attending our Boot Camp in Longmont or Lafayette and are unsure if the Boulder yoga location will work for your schedule, we encourage you to give our Total Transformation Program a try for a week. If you find after attending for the first week that swinging both Boot Camp and the Boulder PowerFit Yoga isn't working for you (for any reason at all), just let us know and we will give you a full refund for the difference in the program fees.


2. What happens when Boot Camp is not held on a National holiday like Memorial Day.

You will notice that for some National Holidays we move our Monday Boot Camp class to Tuesday. Some people 'double up' those days and attend both Boot Camp and Yoga - though that is not too typical. Most likely, you will need to choose between which class to attend.

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