PowerFit Yoga

Mind & Body Outdoor Awakening


PowerFit Yoga is not a typical yoga class

It is an innovative blend of yoga and conditioning to create a body-challenging, mind-calming and spirit-boosting phenomenon.

Amid the outdoor awe-inspiring and tranquil setting of Boulder’s Chautauqua Park, we invite you to experience PowerFit Yoga - a joyfully addicting way to start your day.

A sun salutation is much more meaningful and vivid when done outdoors. You feel connected to the earth beneath your feet, the morning glow of the Flatirons welcomes your gaze and the scent of grass and song of birds fills your awareness.  


Benefits of PowerFit Yoga

  1. small groups, averaging 8 students

  2. improve core stability

  3. amped up metabolism

  4. tone & trim

  5. Increase strength

  6. boost balance & flexibility

  7. prevent injury

  8. enliven your spirit

  9. relieve stress

  10. alleviate back pain

I loved this yoga class. It was challenging, but not impossible, and really helped me kick off my pursuit of getting back into shape. Being outside to do yoga is heavenly. My metabolism kicked into high gear once I started this class. It definitely helped my flexibility and helped balance my back challenges.
— Connie

Each Day Is Unique

Each day is unique as we think ‘outside of the box’ for how to use yoga principals in ever-changing ways.  Our energetic yoga classes are designed to challenge all abilities.  Modifications are given to either challenge the advanced practitioners or ease into for the beginning student.

At times, our flowing yoga sequences may include dumbbells or longer held poses to test one’s cardio, endurance, core, balance and range of motion… all seamlessly done with mindfulness, breath and intention.

No Rotating Instructors

Unique to FitLiv programs, you will enjoy the same instructor and small tight-knit community each day. You will build a bond of friendships and mutual support seldom seen in the crowded yoga studio or health club scene. With a hands-on, one-on-one approach, your instructor masterfully creates a yoga experience that is very personal and tailored to your interests.

Complete Health

PowerFit Yoga goes far beyond the classroom. Our comprehensive and progressive 5-week program includes our Nutrition & Healthy Habits for Life curriculum, ‘Yoga Poses of the Week’ tip sheets, meal plans and more.

I find the whole atmosphere so conducive to practicing yoga - a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher, personable “classmates” and beautiful surroundings” Our instructor offers an enormous palette of variations and nurtures an environment in which we all feel perfectly comfortable.
— Debbie M

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