Our Philosophy

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Having spent years in the health industry, David Clair, founded FitLiv in 2003 to address the pitfalls of most fitness programs – dull, boring, repetitious, impersonal, no accountability, no fun and lacking in an easy and effective approach to nutrition and establishing healthy habits.

With these shortcomings in mind, the FitLiv 5 Principles for creating long-term change for an empowering life were established.

This is the first time in my life (not kidding) where an exercise regimen has stuck. I actually like it (also a first), and look forward to it. I’ve never been as committed to a program, pushed myself as hard, and made exercise a priority, as I have with bootcamp!
— Erika

FitLiv 5 Principles

1. Fun

If it’s not fun you won’t stick to it.
Consistency is key for change.

2. Simple & Easy

Easy to follow, easy to succeed.
Just show up and follow our guidance and tips.

3. Supportive Community

You’re not in this alone.
Supporting and receiving support from a close-knit caring community is another key to your success and accountability.

4. Personal Coaching

Small groups and personal attention create a very individualized experience - not to mention being more accountable.

5. Outdoors

We’re Coloradoans – we live for the outdoors.

Combine the majesty of the outdoors with heart-pumping fitness fun and magic happens!

Our goal is to improve your fitness and instill confidence and spirit so you can lead a more healthful, adventurous and inspiring life you LOVE!

Simple put, FitLiv is Better Living Through Fitness.
Power Your Spirit.

Boot Camp is a totally different experience than other fitness classes, a workout like no other. I was soaring every day. I was pretty thin to begin with but definitely have the muscle definition that I was looking for!
— Nicole
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