Has it Been a While Since You Exercised?

Has it been a while since you exercised? Are you bored and no longer seeing results? Are you committed to work hard to achieve amazing changes and results? Then Boot Camp is the perfect way to get a consistent and fun fitness program back in your life. Boot Camp classes are small so we can focus on your personal fitness, health and lifestyle goals.

We succeed when you succeed. Proper form, strengthening the core, preventing injury and working within ones' ability is emphasized. Choose to jog or power run, leap a tall building in a single bound or instead take the stairs. We work with you to comfortably challenge yourself and continually improve your total body functional conditioning - integrating strength, balance, flexibility, core, power, and cardio conditioning. Through functional fitness, you will be able to participate in daily activities and active pursuits with more vigor, less fatigue and less chance of injury. Plus, your metabolism will increase and with proper nutrition, you will see excess weight slip away and your tone and definition improve.

Terri has pushed us to work hard without pressuring us to work beyond our fitness level. She challenges us to learn our own intensity levels and work within and beyond those, without making the class competitive.


We guarantee that by the end of a 4-week session you will feel awesome - from head to toe, inside and out. Your energy will be soaring, your spirit and confidence recharged, and you will have the tools and knowledge to keep your fitness routine going. What do you have to lose but a few pounds ?


 Are You a Weekend Warrior or an Athlete?

Whether you are a weekend warrior, an aspiring triathlete or a lean mean machine, Fitness Boot Camp will make a huge difference for you. In just 5 weeks our campers experience huge improvements. We typically see increases of core and body strength by 50%, recovery heart rate drops by 15 beats/minute, and mile run times shed by 1-2 minutes.

What does all this mean? It means that you will be able to set your sights and aspirations higher. You'll see your speed, endurance and strength skyrocket and find activities that you 'struggled' with become so much easier and more comfortable & fun. If there is an activity or event that you have shied away from, Boot Camp will give you the confidence and conditioning to get you there.

Though I am a regular exerciser, Boot Camp took me to a new level. Before Boot Camp, I would get out of breath when doing new, fast moving activities. I’ve really improved my wind and endurance and my overall body feels stronger. This makes me feel more confident about taking on a variety of physical challenges that may come along.
— Robert

Boot Camp is intense… it’s hard work… but it is FUN and you will see results. We’ll rotate through every part of your body, mixing in strength, explosive power, flexibility, balance, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. We emphasize that each participant work within their ability, and that you ‘push the envelope’ and stretch your comfort level so that you will see improvement – FAST!