Goals Setting 

Fitness is a journey… Your Goals are your Road Map. 
With goals, your journey is fun & has purpose.. plus you get there!

If you don't bother to create and visualize a specific goal it is much harder to achieve what you really desire. Take a moment and come up with a few goals that really get you jazzed, get you excited, and will inspire you to succeed. 

Do you want to run your first race, button up those pants you wore 2 years ago, or participate with a group or in an activity that you have shied away from as you were not confident with your fitness level. Perhaps you want to create a healthy lifestyle & diet that energizes you daily, strengthen your core so you can live pain free again, or jump small buildings in a single bound. No goal is too small or too big – it just has to inspire to you! 

The key is that each goalinclude the five attributes of the S.M.A.R.T Goals acronym listed below. 
S – specific
M – measurable
A – achievable
R – rewarding
T – time-based

As an example, let us use the S.M.A.R.T attributes to transform the typical failure-prone goal of “I want to lose weight” into a much more powerful and motivating gem designed for success. 

* Specific – How many pounds do you want to lose? 

* Measurable – Is your goal measurable? Will you know if you are on track or have achieved your goal? 

* Achievable – Is your goal achievable and realistic? You are much better setting a goal to lose 5 pounds in two months than an unreasonable 30 pounds in a month. Don’t set yourself up for failure from the beginning with a goal that is too lofty. Nothing will boost your confidence and morale more than achieving your goal. Think of each goal as a stepping stone that inspires you to consistently progress to your larger lofty goal. 

* Rewarding – Absolutely critical! If your goal doesn’t get you excited and jazzed then you need to take a step back and ponder a bit more. Your goal MUST really get you juiced. We also recommend that you decide how you will REWARD yourself when you achieve your goal. Go on, celebrate with friends or treat yourself to something special; your reward will further motivate you to succeed. 

* Time-based – When will you achieve this goal? Don’t skip this step; setting a time-limit creates a fixed timetable and a sense of urgency to keep you on track. If your time period is 6 months or longer then set an interim goal with a shorter 2-3 month timeline. Goals that stretch out beyond 6 months are too long to keep you motivated. 

Using SMART Goals, “I want to lose weight” becomes the more inspiring and effective “I will lose 5 pounds by Feb 28.” 
If losing 5 pounds doesn’t motivate you, but slipping into those jeans that you haven’t been able to wear for two years do, then make that your goal. Remember that goals are individual and must excite you. 

Here are two other typical goals that have been transformed using SMART attributes: 
“ I want to run faster” “I will run a 45 minute 10k by March 30”
“I want to get in shape” “I will run a 10 minute mile and do 30 pushups by April 1” 
or “I will hike up Mount Sanitas in under two hours by May 1” 

Inspiration Everywhere you Turn
Here are two other suggestions to tip the scale of success in your favor: Share your Goals with Others. Speak your goals. Share then with everyone you know. The more you hear yourself verbalize your goals the more real they become. In addition, you will be creating a natural support group to help you along the way. Write your Goals Down. Write your goals down and post them in prominent places that you will see them throughout the day: on your bathroom mirror, on your refrigerator, in your car and by your desk. These constant reminders will help inspire you each day. 

Tasks & Actions – Making your Goals a Reality
Once you have established your SMART Goal, you need to create a list of action items and tasks to be completed each day or week that will get you closer to achieving your goal. Even the best goal is useless if you don’t have and implement an action plan. Achieving a goal is a series of consistent baby steps that each day brings you closer. 

For our example goal of losing weight here are a few sample action items: 
1. Maintain a daily food journal
2. Create a weekly meal plan each Monday
3. Shop each Sunday for healthy snacks to have available in the car and at the office
4. Exercise 4 times a week Try to be as specific as possible with your goals. 

If you think you have your set of goals and are ready to continue first ask yourself these questions one more time: 

When you think about each goal, does each one really get you pumped and excited? 
If not, ponder a bit more. I guarantee that if you have some really juicy goals it is amazing how easy it is for you to reach them. 

Is each goal specific? Is it possible to make any of them even more specific or more measurable? 


Alright - you are ready. 
We would like for you to create a few short-term, medium and long-term goals for yourself. 


Boot Camp Location: -- Select a camp location-- Boulder Longmont 

Boot Camp Class Time: -- Select a class time -- Fitness BC 6:00-7:00 am 3 days/wk M/W/F Fitness BC 7:15-8:15 am 3 days/wk M/W/F Fitness BC 9:00-10:00 am 3 days/wk M/W/F 



Short-term Goals are to be accomplished by the end of this camp session. Medium-term over 3 months and long-term goals over the next year. 


Medium-term Goals. To be accomplished in the next 3 months.


Long-term Goals. To be accomplished in the next 12 months.



Like the Behavior Contract this is optional. Many Camp participants will be joining multiple Boot Camp sessions from the spring through fall or have been joining us for several years and are motivated by seeing positive changes in their body. Here is an opportunity for you to get a benchmark measurement which will keep in our records. So in 2 years from now if you want to know how far you have come you can always get these measurements from us. 

You will need help from a friend and a CLOTH tape measure (or a string and a ruler/metal tape measure). Measure twice and average.

Here is a weblink with more on how to take body measurements: Body Measurement Tips

__________  Waist (about 1/2" above your belly button - looking for narrowest part of waist) 

__________  Hips (measure at the widest part) 

__________  Right Biceps (bend elbow so arm forms 90' angle – don't ‘flex', just relax and measure at widest part of biceps) 

__________ Weight 

I want you to have a copy of your goals. Tape your goals to your mirror, on your refrigerator, anywhere you will see it and get inspired each time you read them. 

So once you have hit the SEND button below you will see a 'Thank You" page with all your goals.
PRINT THIS PAGE OUT so you have a copy .
If you forget to print it out just ask us to email you a copy of your goals