What Results Can I Expect?


Warning! Participation in a FitLiv program may bring sudden wardrobe changes.

It is not uncommon for us to hear how our campers’ clothes just don’t fit the same.

In just one session you will make huge strides in:

  1. Improving your fitness and well being

  2. Losing weight by reducing fat & gaining muscle

  3. Decreasing your heart rate and exertion during activities

  4. Boosting your energy, spirit & CONFIDENCE!

  5. Haining strength, speed, balance and agility

  6. Improving your nutrition and establishing more engaging habits.

  7. Creating a more healthful, adventurous and inspiring life you LOVE!

In short, you will look and feel great!

I have lost 25 pounds in the last 3 months! I am feeling stronger, looking better, and am back to enjoying all of the outdoor activities that make living in Boulder so special.
— Greg

Average Fitness Improvements

Here are the before and after assessment improvements of one of our Fitness Boot Camp groups after just one session.

  • Muscular strength up by 50%   
  • Core strength up by 60%     
  • Recovery heart rate down by 15 beats/minute     
  • Shed 1-2 minutes off 1 mile run


I lost 8 pounds my first 5 weeks of boot camp. I also lost 6 inches!!!  (Yeah for the tape measure!)  I increased my sit ups from 20 to 75, doubled my pushups from 20 - 40, shaved a minute + off my mile! I feel really great and so much stronger! It has really made for a fantastic summer!
— Kaye
group sprint 1.jpg

Success Stories

Get Paid to Lose Weight. It's True! With our optional Cash for Fat Rewards program we pay you cash for each pound you lose. But Boot Camp is so much more than just shedding pounds and toning up. Our goal is for you to transform your life. How will your story read?


Camper Reviews

The inspiring individuals that make up the FitLiv community are amazing. It is their spirit, energy and dedication that makes FitLiv programs the success they are.  We are so proud to share their recent comments.


I have experienced amazing results through boot camp & am a big “evangelist” of the program. I’ve lost close to 30 pounds, gone down at least a size, and am in the best shape of my life at 40. I’ve also lost quite a few inches (need to measure again!) and fat percentage points. I have developed good relations with Jenn and other folks in boot camp. If I miss a class, they know it and are concerned. We laugh together and can push each other to a new level.
— Liz

I plan to keep taking classes until you don’t offer them anymore. They have changed my life, my body and my lifestyle. I am very grateful. This class has done more for my body than all of the sports I have played in the past so I am not quitting anytime soon.
— Jan

I am 56 years old and today I finished RUNNING (not walking with my wave) the Bolder Boulder in under 75 minutes, which is pretty darn good for somebody who hadn’t run at all for the last five years. Just eight short weeks ago, when I began Boot Camp, I struggled to run a mile, but through persistence and the excellent guidance of Jenn, I kept at it and had absolutely no trouble finishing this 10k at an even pace of 12 minutes per mile. If I remain in Boot Camp for the next year, I will probably be running marathons without any trouble. I am so happy that I am a Boot Camper.
— Kathryn

I absolutely love this yoga class. Linzee is amazing. She is so welcoming and friendly but once the workout starts the woman holds nothing back. This is the toughest, most rewarding yoga class I’ve ever attended.
— Dawn

I feel great after the last 5 weeks of Boot Camp and Powerfit Yoga. The combination of the two classes allowed me to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks. I feel great, look better and am significantly stronger than when I started. I have dropped an entire pants size and feel great in clothes I have not worn in years. I am amazed at how much progress I have made and continually excited to go to Boot Camp and Yoga!
— Anna

I have had a complete turnaround since I started boot camp. Although I have had amazing improvement in my physical self, the most important change has been mentally. I have gained a real appreciation for myself and now have the desire to treat my body with more respect. I’m so excited to see how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. For example, I’ve shed almost two minutes off my mile time!
— Melissa

I can’t find enough superlatives to describe this yoga class. The amount of knowledge, care and energy that Robyn puts into every class is insurmountable. Her corrections are always spot-on and expressed so clearly that they serve as a cue for the next times we find ourselves in those poses.
— Debbie

I have lost weight and dropped two sizes in the last three sessions! I can now run a mile in under nine minutes—something I have never accomplished in my life! I have so much energy and I feel motivated to walk more and take advantage of all the outdoor activities on offer in Colorado!
— Dilek

PowerFit Yoga is a great workout for the fitness buff because it pulls you into your body, giving you an opportunity to hone in on particular muscles or muscle groups to relearn movement that is healthier & less injury-prone. In addition, it’s a challenging workout in its own right - working flexibility, strength and balance.
— Barbera