Eldora Women's  Fitness Week

Congratulations! You are one click away from an energizing and fun fitness week with other inspiring women

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FitLiv has teamed up with the Eldora Women's Days program to offer a special opportunity to have the Eldora women's community participate for a week in our boot camp-inspired camaraderie-focused fitness classes.

After just one week, you won't believe how spirited and energized you will be!

Each class is different and is designed to accommodate all fitness levels - from the meek and weak to the fierce and fit.  We know you can do it as we have been transforming Boulder bodies for over 15 years. 

  • When: Feb 12, 14 & 16 (MWF)
  • Class Time: 7:15 - 8:15 am
  • Location: Frequent Flyers  (near Valmont & Foothills Parkway, Boulder)

There is no cost to participate but registration is required; just fill out the form below. 
Unfortunately, we can accept only the first 10 registrations for each class time.

FitLiv is honored to have been featured on NBC's Today Show and recognized as the Daily Camera's Workout of the Year. 


For more information on our outdoor boot camp program visit: https://fitliv.com/boot-camp

To learn of our unique outdoor PowerFit Yoga program held at Chautauqua Park visit: https://fitliv.com/powerfit-yoga 

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One Week. Can anything really happen for you in just a few days?

Absolutely! Don’t be surprised if by week’s end you spring out of bed instead of shuffle!  You’ll look forward to morning FitLiv camp even more than your morning java. Almost immediately, your energy will soar, you will have more clarity and confidence, and become re-acquainted with muscles long forgotten. 

After just one week I feel like I am already improving in both cardio & strength. My husband, baby & I went on a hike on Saturday and I already could tell a difference in my endurance & strength!
— Megan

It may be intimidating to try a new fitness program or yoga class, especially something called Boot Camp and PowerFit Yoga, but rest assured our small, friendly and supportive community will welcome you from day one.

We are so excited to have you join us and we know you’ll find the experience fun, inspiring and very possibly life changing.

If you do have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at: 303-550-3491

We look forward to meeting you.