Five Reasons Bootcamp Works

1. It’s a Blast

Boot Camp is fun! You will show up every day. So critical as consistency is key for substantial change.

2. Small Groups & Personal Coaching

Our personal attention and coaching is just not possible with a large group.
Expect to be part of a small and intimate group of 10.

You will enjoy the same trainer each day. They will be intimately familiar with what you are capable of – whether you can take it up a notch or need to ease into a modification. They are there to kick your butt as well as hold your hand.
Fitness Boot Camp is designed for RESULTS and designed for YOU.

3. Complete Health Solution

Exercise * Nutrition * Healthy Habits  
How you live your life 24/7 is as important to us as when you are with us.
For this reason, our Nutrition & Healthy Habits for Life curriculum is a huge component included with Boot Camp.
Our systematic and simple approach to proper nutrition and establishing life-enriching habits will become second nature to you after 4 weeks of guidance, repetition and community support.

Learn more: Nutrition & Healthy Habits curriculum.

4. Motivational Tools to Inspire

We understand that everyone is motivated differently.
Some of our diverse methods include before and after fitness assessments, goal setting, ‘Get Paid to Lose Weight’ program and body composition tests.

5. You’re Outside

Breathing the fresh air and marveling the Flatirons and mountain views naturally complement the energy and spirit of fitness boot camp.


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