Thanksgiving Exercise Challenge


4 Days – 4 Exercises… 0 Excuses

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You hear how the average American gains 5-7 pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Probably an exaggeration but we have put together for you the FitLiv Thanksgiving Exercise Challenge 180'.

A chance for you to turn this holiday around 180 degrees - meaning that you use this holiday break to pump up your strength & fitness and maintain or shed a few pounds.

The Challenge is simple.
Perform this quick set of 4 exercises EACH DAY during the Thanksgiving break.
4 Days + 4 Exercises = SUCCESS.

This 4-exercise routine should only take 8-12 minutes but we want you to go hard, give it your 110% effort, and see if you can increase the difficulty level and complete the routine quicker each day.

This 4-Day Challenge is for Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Bonus Points – BEGIN TODAY!

The exercises we have chosen can be done anywhere and with no equipment.

I filmed this video as I was waiting for my Thanksgiving flight at the airport. Wish you could have seen the terminal full travelers wanting to do tricep dips on the seats.

The video explains it all but I will summarize it below as well.

  • First ,weigh in and record your weight so you can return on Sunday and see how you did!
  • Second - get a watch handy to time yourself and record your time each day.
  • Third is obvious, but along with this quick 10-minute exercise blast, do watch what you eat.
  • Fourth - go to our Facebook page and share with others how you did.   Share Your Experience

> A Cycle of 4 Exercises.
    > 15 Reps of Each Exercise
    > Repeat the Cycle 3 Times
            > 4 Exercises * 15 Reps * 3 Cycles = 180 TOTAL REPS

For each exercise we have created three options similar to how we create our different levels during Boot Camp.
Level 1 - Beginner
Level 2 - Moderate
Level 3 - Advanced

Here are the 4 Exercises:

  1. Lunges           [L1- Regular Lunges, L2 - Lunge Hop, L3 - Scissor Lunges]
  2. Pushups        [L1 - on knees, L2 - on toes, L3 - on toes with 1 foot lifted]
  3. Crunches       [L1 - feet on floor, L2 - knees bent 90' with feet up, L3 - pike position-legs entended 45']
  4. Tricep Dips    [L1 - knees bent, L2 - legs straight, L3 - legs straight with one leg lifted] 

We are cheering for you and hope you make this Thanksgiving holiday you most healthful ever.

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