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Total Transformation

Begin a New Chapter of your Life
Are you committed to what is possible in your life? Willing to work for it? If yes, then Total Transformation is for you. By combining fitness Boot Camp and PowerFit Yoga, we’ve created an empowering 5-day-a-week ‘never looking back’ fitness & health journey.

Boot Camp

Serious Fitness… Serious Fun
Want to Feel Great in Your Body? Itching to be confident, energized and ready to take on the world? Can you achieve such changes in a month?  Some people call it impossible. We call it Boot Camp.


PowerFit Yoga

Mind, Body Outdoor Awakening
An innovative blend of yoga and conditioning to challenge your body, calm your mind and boost your spirit. Amid the awe-inspiring, tranquil setting of Boulder’s Chautauqua Park, experience a unique and joyfully addicting way to start your day.


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Camp Experience



Transform your body & life in just one month. Our goal is to boost your fitness, confidence and vitality enabling you can lead a more healthful, adventurous and inspiring life you LOVE!





Our Nutrition & Healthy Habits for Life curriculum is an integral part of all FitLiv programs. Our systematic and simple approach to proper nutrition and establishing life-enriching habits will become second nature to you after a month of guidance, repetition and community support.



You won’t believe the impact your FitLiv community will play in your transformation and the fun you will have.  Together you will work, support, cheer and motivate – sweating and laughing your way to a close bond of friendships and community.


Our Team

Each of trainers and instructors have years of experience, but more importantly, they love what they do and are committed to having each participant have their expectations not just met - but exceeded.

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