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* Energy, Spirit & Balance - You Can Have it ALL

* One Week of Boot Camp with No Obligation

* 5 Myths of Frozen Yogurt - Is it Healthy?

* This Saturday! Final Farmers Market Bandshell Boot Camp

Energy, Spirit & Balance - Have it all at Yoga & Boot Camps
Next Sessions Begin on Monday - Aug 15

Sure you will tone up, lose weight and improve your fitness during our 5 week Fitness Boot Camps and PowerFit Yoga Camps

But Fitness For Living programs are so much more. We can almost guarantee that your energy and spirit will soar, your self esteem and confidence increase, and your daily lifestyle align with more balance.

But don't take our word for it, below are some of our camper's comments

"I am way stronger and I have a lot more energy and spirit throughout the day. I feel a lot more confident about my abilities and have noticed I have a lot more confidence in general. I don't feel as old and a co-worker told me just the other day that I actually look younger since I have lost weight and have more bounce in my step."

"Boot Camp is a huge confidence boost. I feel like once I've finished boot camp in the morning, I can take on anything thrown at me that day”.    Pete

“I have had better energy throughout the day, hiking is easier, and there is measurable improvement in my running. I finally pushed past a weight goal barrier that I've been working on for years."      Ben

                                                                        Want to Learn More?

One Week of FitLiv Camp with No Obligation
What do you have to lose...
   but a few pounds and your excuse why you're not feeling GREAT!

Many of you may not know that for all of our camps we offer 'One Week - No Obligation.'

It is our way to ensure that our Campers are absolutely jazzed and excited to be a part of our groups.

Simply stated, we offer a satisfaction guarantee that states that if you are not satisfied for any reason after attending the first week of Boot Camp or PowerFit Yoga just let us know and we are happy to refund all fees paid.

So take that first step and join us and discover why 70% of our FitLiv Campers over the last 14 years are repeats or referrals.


5 Myths about Frozen Yogurt

Is it really Health?

Yes, summertime in Colorado is hot! Especially this summer.

What is more refreshing then a bowl of froyo topped with fresh fruit.

But how healthy is frozen yogurt?

Below are 5 Myths that you can learn more about by reading the full article.

Frozen Yogurt Myth 1. Frozen yogurt is full of healthy probiotics that support my immune and digestive systems.

Frozen Yogurt Myth 2. "Real" or "natural" frozen yogurt is better for me than the Ben & Jerry's version.

Frozen Yogurt Myth 3 . Frozen yogurt is naturally nonfat or low-fat, so I can have as much as I want.

Frozen Yogurt Myth 4. Those toppings don't pack many calories.

Frozen Yogurt Myth 5. Frozen yogurt is a great lunch. I make lunch out of regular yogurt, why not frozen?

Read the Full Article

Final Bandshell Boot Camp this Saturday

Last Chance for our Free Summer 'Farmers Market' Workout

Saturday in the Park Workouts
Featuring Boulder's Central Park next to the Farmer's Market

Throughout this summer we have offered to the Boulder community a free Saturday morning Farmers Market Boot Camp class.

And what a great summer it has been!
Big thanks to everyone who has attended and supported this joint effort between FitLiv and the City of Boulder.

But this Saturday is your last chance of 2016 to jumpstart your weekend with a bang and then enjoy all the happenings at the Farmers Market.

Designed for a wide range of abilities, these boot camp style workouts will have you soaring with energy and ready for the weekend.

Open to the entire community so invite a friend or two.

Just bring along a yoga mat or towel.

 Saturday, August 13
     Central Park, 13th St between Canyon & Arapahoe, Boulder
     8.30-9.30 am

Boulder weight loss and boulder health club and boulder fitness center alternative.  Yoga Boulder, Colorado too

Boot Camp & PowerFit Yoga Schedule

Aug 15 - Sept 19
Sept 19 - Oct 21*

Oct 24 - Nov 30
Dec 2-16 (mini camp)
Jan 4 - Feb 6 2015
Feb 8 - Mar 12 2015

*Note - Sept 19 PowerFit Yoga camp will be held outdoors & indoors as the weather dictates

Fun Local Events

> Niwot Jazz Festival
   Saturday, Sept 17  

Experience world-class live Jazz by internationally-known and
local  Jazz legends and greats.

Dance to Fusion, Mainstream, Brazilian, Afro-Pop, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Big Band Jazz

Better yet - hop on the bicycle and enjoy a nice backroads bike ride to Niwot to take in the Festival.

Follow the link above to learn more.

> International Fringe Festival

Aug 17-28 ,   Boulder locations

The Boulder International Fringe Festival is a rollicking, white-knuckled, breath-taking event that brings exhilarating and inspiring performances to the city of Boulder and the Front Range arts community. The Fringe, emulating a historic festival that spontaneously erupted in Edinburgh Scotland in 1947 encourages audiences and artists alike to approach the arts with a feeling of spontaneity and willingness to take risks, experience life and live art in a fresh new way.

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