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* A BOLDER, More ENERGETIC You Begins Monday

* How PowerFit Yoga Can Change Your Life

* Going on Vacation? Join us for a partial Session

* Can 5 Weeks Really Make a Difference?
Comments from our Campers.

At 55 I Keep Getting Better & Bolder - What about You?
Next Boot Camp & Yoga sessions begin Monday

I thought I felt pretty darn good 13 years ago when I started Fitenss For Living at 41 years old.

Now at 55, I realize how the consistancy of attending our programs have kept my energy and enthusiasm for life high.

I literally spring out of bed each day and take on new endevours with bold confidence.

And nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear from our campers similar stories how our camps have re-energized their life (read their comments in the right sidebar)..

Everyone has an excuse why they didn't get around to doing something.
But d
on't make that mistake this summer- make this the summer you make a breakthrough in your life.

And you can join us with NO RISK.
For all of our programs we offer a one week no-obligation guarantee.
Just try our camp for a week and if you are not satisfied for any reason we are happy to refund all fees paid.

"Boot Camp was the perfect way to re-energize and feel inspired to get fit. It was also amazing to see such drastic results in just a month."
Kelly Saalwachter

"I just took my measurements again - and I lost 3 inches in all the spots I chose to measure! I'm so excited!"

5 Weeks to a New You!
Check out the comments to the right and see what 5 weeks did for our recent campers.

Visit the schedule and class times for each location:

Boulder                     Longmont                      Boulder YOG

PowerFit Yoga - Continues to Change Lives

Read how this outdoor program impacted our Campers' Lives

  Outdoor Yoga with Flatirons Views - Can it get any Better?

Four years ago we pioneered a new type of yoga with our PowerFit Yoga program and we have really enjoyed seeing how this unique mind-calming and body-challenging experience has helped our campers in so many ways.

Rather than tell you about what PowerFit Yoga is, we thought we would just share some of our campers comments.

"I loved this class. It was challenging, but not impossible, and really helped me kick off my pursuit of getting back into shape. Being outside to do yoga is heavenly. My metabolism kicked into high gear once I started this class. It definitely helped my flexibility and helped balance my back challenges

Linzee Klinkenberg  helps Andy Bachmann with his form during class.Linzee Klinkenberg teaches a PowerFit Yoga class at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO on August 9, 2012.For a video and more photos of PowerFit Yoga, go to www.dailycamera.comCliff Grassmick  / August 9, 2012"One of the best features of the class is that it's so varied. We all look forward to class each time because we know it will always be different, but always well thought out and enjoyable. Robyn offers an enormous palette of variations for each pose and nurtures an environment in which we all feel perfectly comfortable with whatever modification we choose."

"I love the combo of strength-training and yoga poses. I like working out with weights while doing yoga. I can feel my muscle groups getting stronger, allowing me to do more each week despite previous pre-yoga injuries."

“My flexibility has certainly increased. I do feel like I have more energy now than before I started the bootcamp/powerfit yoga combo. My balance has improved and my core is much stronger than it was before.”

“The instructor was the best yoga instructor that I've ever had regarding her descriptions of what to do. As a novice, that's very nice so that I can listen instead of having to look at everything she's doing.”

Learn More about this unique Yoga Program

Vacation getting in way of Joining Us?

Enjoy a partial session at a special Pro-Rated Registration Fee

Our main goal is to make a difference in your life and we try as hard as possible to
work with your schedule – it is this principal that sets Fitness For Living apart.

We would rather have you attend some of a camp session then not at all - how else are we going to transform your life?

If you know you are going to miss 2 weeks or more of our upcoming 5-week June 8 - July 13 session but would still like to attend while you are in town then please contact us so we can pro-rate your registration fee for the time you will be with us.

Just email David at

Campers Comments

What can 5 weeks do for you?

How will your comment read?

* * *

“I can't find enough superlatives to describe this class. The amount of knowledge, care and energy that Robyn puts into every class is insurmountable. Her corrections are always spot-on and expressed so clearly that they serve as a cue for the next times we find ourselves in those poses.”
Debbie, PowerFit Yoga

"I have lost quite a bit of weight, I've even had to buy smaller sized clothes, but the best part is that I am moving much easier, and I am not getting as tired as easily as I used to."

"Robyn is an awesome leader. She leads creative and unique sessions, she's very conscious of paying attention to participant's safety and comfort zone, and her energy is contagious."
Mark, PowerFit Yoga

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Lauren. I have been an athlete all my life and had many coaches, trainers, and course instructors, and she is just fantastic. She's funny, motivating, compassionate, and gives us an awesome workout day after day. She's a keeper!"

" Attending the bootcamp has been an amazing experience for me. Not only did I get a great workout every time, but I had fun doing it. I loved the trail days and working out on the trails in Boulder. So fun!"

‘It was an absolute blast and I definitely looked forward to my Monday, Wednesday Friday workout! My energy levels on work out days was actually up even though I woke up earlier.‘

‘The class is perfect because it’s just right with the option of more challenging or easier depending on what kind of morning you are having.’

‘Great way to get in shape with a community of motivated people. Mostly, I loved our instructor - Lauren always brought the enthusiasm, ideas, and whoop ass in an encouraging way.’

‘The explanations of the physiology of the body is such a wonderful addition to all the explaining that Annette does during class.’

‘I'm so impressed with the depth of your program and the commitment to making it work for each individual.’

Salad Recipes

Hit the Farmers Market
and enjoy

It's the season for fresh and healthy salads as gardens are showing their early harvest crops. To celebrate that June and summertime is here we have selected a variety of interesting salad recipes for you to enjoy.

Bon Appetit!

Arugula & Strawberry Salad

Grilled Smoky Eggplant Salad

Mâche & Chicken Salad with Honey-Tahini Dressing

Spinach & Grapefruit Salad

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