CONTENTS                                                                                       JANUARY 2017 NEWSLETTER

  * New Year Camps Begin Wednesday     

  * Is 5 Weeks Enough to Make Big Changes in your Health?     

 * Free 'Anytime Anywhere Workout'   -  Jan 18

  * Fun Events:
     Snowshoe Hike   *   Valentine's Cupid Couples Workout

Boot Camp & PowerFit Yoga Camp Begin this Week

Check out our schedule - 3 convenient class times a day

How Will Your Testimonial Read after 5 Weeks
Big Shout Out to our recent camper Stalin!

We had the pleasure of having Stalin join us recently and he was nice enough to let us share his improvements and comments.

Check out Stalin’s fitness results in only 5 weeks:
   > Heart rate step test – reduced HR by 50 bpm
   > Pushups – almost doubled
   > Squat test – tripled his hold time
   > Mile Run – cut off 5 minutes!

Read below to learn what Stalin had to say about his boot cap experience:

‘Here's some minor bragging about my *total transformation* (LOL) after fitness bootcamp. But seriously, it was an awesome experience. What started out as my first step in getting ready for a major artistic project (yes, sculpting is about to get really physical) has pointed me in the direction of making fitness a priority again.

Many thanks to my group and the trainer, Jamie Montgomery, for a fantastic experience. Fitness For Living Boot Camps are an amazing group experience that teach you how to push your limits and meet your goals. I'm going to miss it but I'll be back at it in the spring after my big sculpting expedition in Zimbabwe.’

Free Workshop: Workout Anywhere with Almost No Equipment
Wednesday, Jan 18 - Outdoor Divas, Boulder

Join FitLiv's founder, David Clair, and learn the secrets of how to create fun and diverse workouts that you can do with little or no equipment.

Heart pumping and strength building routines you can do at home, at the neighborhood park, in a hotel room, at your in-laws, or basically anywhere.

David will also show you how to make the most of those 5 minutes as you wait for the kettle to boil or gas pump to fill the car. Learn how to get toned in the kitchen with only a hand towel, build arms of steel without a weight room, and get a full-body workout in a hotel room during your next trip.

Space is limited, so to secure your spot at this workshop just send us an email.

When: Wednesday, Jan 18.   6:00- 7:15 pm

Reserve your Spot in the Workshop

FitLiv's Free Community Events
Snowshoe Hike   *   Valentine's Couples Boot Camp Class

> Free Snowshoe Hike, Saturday, Jan 28

Join us for our 9th Annual Free Snowshoe Hike.
Each year this snowshoe fills as it is limited to just 8 so do register early.

Our destination is Brainard Lake and a cozy backcountry cabin for a cup of tea or coffee. Distance is 6 miles round trip over moderately hilly terrain.

If you have not tried this ever-increasingly popular sport before definitely consider joining us.

Info and details on snowshoe rentals are on our website - just follow the link below.

Snowshoe Hike Registration & Info

> Free Valentines Cupids Couples Boot Camp Class - Saturday, Feb 11

This Valentine's Day, we invite you to do something truly unique with your sweetie.

Join us for a special Boot Camp class where all exercise routines and sequences are done with your partner. Not only will you bond on a whole new level but you'll walk away with a cheat sheet of all of the exercises so you can do them together at home.

Like our Boot Camps, this class is designed to accommodate a wide range of abilities and fitness levels. This event is also going to fill quickly and it is limited to just 8 couples so please register soon to reserve your spot.


When: Saturday, Feb. 11   8:30 -  9:30 am
Location: Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Studio

Reserve your Spot
Each person needs to fill out their own registration form form

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