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* Happy Spring! Join Outside on March 30

* Meet our Trainers & Instructors

* Best Nutrition Bars for Weight Loss

* What did our Campers think of their Experience?

What the heck is Boot Camp?
Check out our 'Boot Camp Experience' Video

Fitness Boot Camp Experience - Boulder, Longmont & Lafayette, CO

Greetings from David

Yahoo - We are so excited for our upcoming 13th outdoor season.

We hope you can join us have a similar experience to that of our recent camper Jessica.

'The last 5 weeks have been life changing. I'm stronger, I feel healthier and I have so much energy. In 5 weeks my confidence levels have sky rocketed.

Eric is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. Not only does Eric make the workouts challenging but he also makes it fun. I'm beginning to see the athlete I once was in another life come back. Thank you!!!'

Similar to last year, we have set up the option to duck inside for our boot camps if this spring's weather is unusually harsh (don't worry, we won't tell anyone).

And our PowerFit Yoga class will start indoors and move outdoors for the 2nd half of this session.

Can't wait to see everyone OUTSIDE come March 30.
Happy Spring to All.


Happy Spring!  Boot Camp & Yoga heads Outdoors - March 30

Spring Camps' filling Quickly - Time to Jump In!

What's New (or just cool) for 2015
  • We're outdoors again in March - yeah!
    Note: Yoga starts outdoors a bit later
  • Bridal Party Boot Camp. No cost for the bride!
  • Afternoon 5:45 pm Boulder Boot Camp returns
  • 6 different classes a week (mix & match times and locations if you need to)
  • Trail Days continue in popularity.  Boulder Boot Camps will hit the trail most Wednesdays.
  • PowerFit Yoga enjoys Chautauqua Park setting
  • Flexibility to accommodate your schedule -FitLiv's Flex Options

Check out entire our 2015 Outdoor Camp Schedule.

Meet our Trainer - Stacey Heronema

Stacey is a Colorado native and grew up playing competitive soccer. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she studied Integrative Physiology and Psychology. Her plans are to return to school for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

After graduating from CU, Stacey turned her focus on health and fitness and became a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. While one-on-one personal training is ideal for some people, Stacey discovered the advantages of group fitness and believes the camaraderie and dynamics of a group setting adds to a much more positive and effective experience.

Plus, Boot camps can be held outdoors! Who doesn't want to be outside?

When Stacey is not helping others get fit she is spending her time outside camping, hiking and rock climbing. She also enjoys sprint distance triathlons, and is getting set for her first half marathon. 

2015 Trainer & Instructor Line-Up

    Stacey Heronema       Boulder Scott Carpenter Park - 6 am & 7:15 am
     Annette Bray                Boulder Scott Carpenter Park - 9 am women's camp
     Eric Chastang            Boulder Scott Carpenter Park - 5:45 pm
     Eric Chastang            Longmont Roosevelt Park - 6 am

    Annette Bray               Boulder 6 am & 7:15 am



Best Nutrition Bars for Weight Loss

There are so many nutrition/energy/'power' bars out there it can get a bit confusing.
Of course, there is a lot of personal preference but we like this article talking about some of the better bars out there on the market.

We also like it that they tell you the merits of each bar - like which ones have some benefits but you have to watch their sugar content, what is good for a protein boost, which ones have a nice crunch, etc.

Read on for the best Nutrition Bars

Comments from
our Campers

Our Campers are amazing people and we love them.  It is their spirit, energy and dedication that makes Yoga & Boot Camp the success that it is.

Here are a few comments from our recent Boot Campers & PowerFit Yogis.

"This is the only program I have enrolled in that made a difference in my life, my weight, and my body."

Pat, Boot Camp

I can't find enough superlatives to describe this class. The amount of knowledge, care and energy that Robyn puts into every yoga class is insurmountable. Her corrections are always spot-on and expressed so clearly that they serve as a cue for the next times we find ourselves in those poses.
Debbie, PowerFit Yoga

I broke the bank at the weigh in. Earned myself $30 big ones!! I love feeling Fit and Empowered!!
Maria, Boot Camp

"PowerFit Yoga is a great workout for the fitness buff because it pulls you into your body, giving you an opportunity to hone in on particular muscles or muscle groups to relearn movement that is healthier & less injury-prone. In addition, it's a challenging workout in its own right - working flexibility, strength and balance."
Barbera, PowerFit Yoga

"Boot Camp is a great thing to do as a couple and is fun to do with regular campers. We get to know each other and our coach and so it is a great little boot camp family."
Angie, Boot Camp

"I can't fully express how grateful I am to have found this class. It is the only exercise class I've ever attended consistently and happily. Annette is such a great teacher, she has the ability to motivate and push you further without yelling or you even realizing it until you've gotten stronger."

I love the variety of boot camp! I've now attend 4 boot camp sessions and the 4th was just as different and varied as the first one. It much more fun than going to the gym again and again and doing the same old thing! And the instructor personalizes it when you need it. Lauren is always looking for a low impact option for my bad knee.

Janice B.

I feel great after the last 5 weeks of Boot Camp and Powerfit Yoga. The combination of the two classes allowed me to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks. I feel great, look better and am significantly stronger than when I started. I have dropped an entire pants size and feel great in clothes I have not worn in years.
   I am amazed at how much progress I have made and continually excited to go to Boot Camp and Powerfit Yoga!

Anna B


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