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* Free Saturday 'Farmers Market' Boot Camp Classes Extended Thru August

* Does your Sunscreen Increase Cancer Risk?  2016 Recommended Sunscreens

* Bicycle Club Welcomes All Levels

Free Bandshell Boot Camp each Saturday

Free Saturday 'Farmers Market' Workouts extended thru August

Saturday in the Park Workouts
Featuring Boulder's Central Park next to the Farmer's Market

Our Saturday morning Farmers Market Boot Camps have been going so well that the City of Boulder has asked us to continue the program through July and August.

So please join us and jumpstart your weekend with a bang and then enjoy all the happenings at the Farmers Market.

Designed for a wide range of abilities, these boot camp style workouts will have you soaring with energy and ready for the weekend.

Open to the entire community so invite a friend or two.

Just bring along a yoga mat or towel.

 Saturdays - June, July & August
     Central Park, 13th St between Canyon & Arapahoe, Boulder
     8.30-9.30 am


Does your Sunscreen Increase Cancer Risk?
2016 Report on best Sunscreens and Moisturizers with SPF

Every year, The Environmental Working Group tests over a thousand different sunscreen products on the market and reports on which ones are best for sun protection and which could be potentially harmful to your health.

This year's survey revealed that 2/3 of the sunscreens analyzed didn't work well or contained potentially hazardous ingredients, including vitamin A and hormone-disrupting oxybenzone.

EWG found that in general, zinc- and titanium-based mineral sunscreens offer stable, lasting protection from UV rays without penetrating the skin the way their chemical counterparts do.

Believe it or not, the majority of sunscreens on the market only protect against one of three kinds of skin cancer, melanoma not included, and many also contain chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

Here are a few of their eye opening findings:

  * 1/2 of sunscreens have such poor UVA protection that they would not be sold in Europe
  * 1/4 of sunscreens contain retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A, that may increase risk of skin cancer
  * Spray and powder sunscreens that may eventually damage lungs are still out there. The FDA is investigating their toxicity risks.

Where is your favorite sunscreen on the List?
EWG researchers have even broken down their recommendations into:

   > Best Beach & Sport Sunscreen
   > Best Moisturizers with Sunscreen
   > Best Kids Sunscreens
   > Worst Kids Sunscreens
   > Sun Safety Tips

  • Hats, clothing and shade are still the most reliable skin protection
  • High SPF products, which protect against sunburn, often provide very little protection against UVA radiation.
  • Avoid products with oxybenzone, a hormone-disrupting compound found in about 60 percent of sunscreens analyzed
  • Apply creams rather than sprays and powder
  • Use broad-spectrum sunscreens* with zinc, titanium dioxide, Avobenzone or Mexoryl SX; between SPF 30-50.

Boulder Cycling Club Welcomes All Abilities
Open Invitation to Join Weekly Rides

It can be intimidating to be an aspiring cyclist in Boulder when you see so many lycra-clad bikers zipping around.

But bicycling is such a great activity that lends itself well to all ages and fitness levels.

I have been participating with Boulder Cycling Club for a while and have found that it does a great job of accommodating the speedy racer types and as well as the recreational cyclist.

Their main weekly ride heads out on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm from Boulder Beer and with several assigned 'ride ambassador' escorts, cyclists break into several smaller groups without the fear of getting lost or not knowing how to fix a flat.

After 75-90 minutes, everyone returns to Boulder Beer for social hour with food and drinks.

I am usually out there each Tuesday and hope you will join me.
There are not that many David's in the group so just ask for me if we have not met before.

Here is more on the Club & their other weekly rides

Boot Camp - The Ultimate Cross-Training
    Next Camp Session: July 11 - Aug 15    *

Join us for a free Trial Class - Sample the Boot Camp Experience

Visit our website for all the details on our upcoming camps
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