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  Words from our Camp Participants

Our Boot Campers and PowerFit Yogis are amazing people and we love them.  It is their spirit, energy and dedication that makes Boot Camp the success that it is.  We are proud to share some of their recent comments.


I have experienced amazing results through boot camp & am a big "evangelist" of the program.  I've lost close to 30 pounds, gone down at least a size, and am in the best shape of my life at 40.  I've also lost quite a few inches (need to measure again!) and fat percentage points. I have developed good relations with Jenn and other folks in boot camp.  If I miss a class, they know it and are concerned.  We laugh together and can push each other to a new level.
Liz L

"I plan to keep taking classes until you don't offer them anymore.  They have changed my life, my body and my lifestyle.  I am very grateful.  This class has done more for my body than all of the sports I have played in the past so I am not quitting anytime soon."
Jan M

I am 56 years old and today I finished RUNNING (not walking with my wave) the Bolder Boulder in under 75 minutes, which is pretty darn good for somebody who hadn't run at all for the last five years. Just eight short weeks ago, when I began Boot Camp, I struggled to run a mile, but through persistence and the excellent guidance of Jenn, I kept at it and had absolutely no trouble finishing this 10k at an even pace of 12 minutes per mile. I felt really good after the race and walked another 2 miles back to my car. If I remain in Boot Camp for the next year, I will probably be running marathons without any trouble. I am so happy that I am a Boot Camper
Kathryn K

"I absolutely love this yoga class. Linzee is amazing. She is so welcoming and friendly but once the workout starts the woman holds nothing back. This is the toughest , most rewarding yoga class I've ever attended."

"I've tried many different formats to get into shape, and I run regularly on my own. I've never felt so strong and fit after taking this 5 week course. In fact, I felt results in only 2 weeks."

"I feel great after the last 5 weeks of Boot Camp and Powerfit Yoga. The combination of the two classes allowed me to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks. I feel great, look better and am significantly stronger than when I started. I have dropped an entire pants size and feel great in clothes I have not worn in years. I am amazed at how much progress I have made and continually excited to go to Boot Camp and Yoga!
Anna B.

"Linzee is WONDERFUL.  Such a great teacher.  She pushes us yet is kind and encouraging -- not a drill sergeant.  The perfect combination.  I come away from each class feeling refreshed and invigorated.  Even though it's relatively early in the morning, and I'm often reluctant to drag myself out to go, I know I will come away feeling so alive, so ready to meet my day with more energy.  I will definitely sign up to do a yoga class with Linzee again."
Wendy R.

"Since I started at the 1st of the year, I've dropped 13 lbs. and my middle looks better. Still needs more help and I'm staying with it. Thank you."
Gregg R.

My time at boot camp the last 5 weeks has been a major eye opening life changer. Lauren was simply amazing and such a great instructor. She was encouraging and she pushed me to my fullest potential each day. Each day was a guessing game as to what she was going to put us through and it was never predictable or boring.
   I went into the class with such a desire to not only lose weight but to gain more confidence in myself and that has happened 10 fold! It's not that I was ever unhappy with myself I just knew I wasn't all I could be-healthy, strong, etc. I noticed a difference in my attitude after the very first class. I had so much fire in me that there wasn't anything that could keep me from attending each day. I looked forward to it and relished in the glow after each session was over. Each grueling day was a step towards a whole new world for me.
  I adjusted my food intake and ate 6 mini clean meals a day. I used an app to track my food diary and calories. That, with the classes, has brought me to a place that is poles apart from where I was 5 weeks ago. Today I am 10 pounds lighter (8 from boot camp), my clothes are fitting better (some falling off of me),and I couldn't be more satisfied and proud of myself. Boot camp has given me a platform to jump from and I'm never looking back. Thank you so much!!! I will forever be a voice for Fitness for Living BOOT CAMP!
Jaime M.

" I can't find enough superlatives to describe this yoga class. The amount of knowledge, care and energy that Robyn puts into every class is insurmountable. Her corrections are always spot-on and expressed so clearly that they serve as a cue for the next times we find ourselves in those poses."
Debbie M.

"I have lost weight and dropped two sizes in the last three sessions! I can now run a mile in under nine minutes--something I have never accomplished in my life! I have so much energy and I feel motivated to walk more and take advantage of all the outdoor activities on offer in Colorado!
Dilek E

"PowerFit Yoga is a great workout for the fitness buff because it pulls you into your body, giving you an opportunity to hone in on particular muscles or muscle groups to relearn movement that is healthier & less injury-prone. In addition, it's a challenging workout in its own right - working flexibility, strength and balance. "
Barbera A

“I feel the camp for me is great! The class is flexible enough for our individual needs. I am definitely noticing an increase in strength along with an overall good feeling of getting my exercise in first thing. Plus, I am having a lot of fun!”

"This has been a fantastic program. I sincerely appreciate Jen as an instructor. She is top notch. I have been telling everyone at how positive of an experience this has been for me. Most people that I discuss the concept of 'boot camp' with, have the perception that there is going to be a lot of yelling, criticizing, etc. I find myself explaining to them, that my experience has been only been receiving positive reinforcement and encouragement. This positive environment has motivated me to stick with it. Thank you for creating such a satisfying program."

"I've completed a full year of boot camp sessions and I feel my whole approach to life has changed. My fitness is part of my life, not just boot camp, but now I also run 5K, 10K and half marathons! "
Allaina W.

" I loved this class. It was challenging, but not impossible, and really helped me kick off my pursuit of getting back into shape. Being outside to do yoga is heavenly. My metabolism kicked into high gear once I started this class. It definitely helped my flexibility and helped balance my back challenges."

"This is the first time in my life (not kidding) where an exercise regimen has stuck. I actually like it (also a first), and look forward to it. I've never been as committed to a program, pushed myself as hard, and made exercise a priority, as I have with bootcamp. It works for me!"
Erika P

" I love the camaraderie of the group, the intensity and the results. It's the type of class where you get out what you put in and with the support of your other group members you find yourself really giving it your all. I love the fact that it's all outdoors as well!"
Tracy H

"I read the emails about nutrition, alternate activities and healthy lifestyle which I didn't expect to receive, and they have helped to get me thinking about ways I can do things differently to stay on track or change the track I am on."

"As someone that long prided themselves on being an athlete (climber, skier, kayaker) it was really hard to have put on quite a bit of weight in graduate school after falling off the wagon of regular exercise. Through a combination of Lauren gently pushing me to move faster, build strength and agility, and Linzee guiding me through rediscovering my balance and flexibility, I was able to lose almost 20 pounds! David's inspiring nutrition guidance helped me to really see results, to feel healthier and more energized, and to avoid the pitfalls of holiday eating. When my family saw me over Christmas, I was greeted as "Hey Skinny!" I highly recommend Fitness For Living to everyone with goals of increasing their fitness!"
Billy S.

"I've done other boot camps and this is definitely better. Jen does a great job motivating everyone without being too "pushy". And, I feel stronger and overall more fit in such a short period of time."
Lindsey T

"My clothes are definitely looser than before. I lost about 8 lbs, and discovered that I have muscles that I never knew existed "
Fredrik M

"I wouldn't change a thing at Boot Camp. I am getting immediate results, which really blows me away. Additionally, Linzee will always inform the class on how to take the basic exercise and increase frequency, intensity and duration. I see camp veterans doing these more demanding exercises and look on with envy. I am still at the basic exercise level. I am excited to get to the point in my conditioning where I can do the more difficult variations."
Kurt E

“I would recommend this workout for any woman, but especially mothers. It is hard for mothers to get a full body workout in a short amount of time, especially if they are working out with their children. On off days, I run and hike with my son which is a good cardio workout, but it is only working certain areas of the body. However, Boot Camp workouts are toning and strengthening every muscle group as well as working my cardiovascular system. We do not miss an area of the body and even though it is a challenging workout, it is really fun and the time goes by fast.”

“ I love boot camp! I love going to work afterward and telling everyone about the work out!! It feels so good to do it and get my workout completed in the morning! Thank you for providing this to us! I strongly recommend your camp to ANYONE!”
Nicole V

“I actually find it beneficial to commit to something like this as it forces me to be there at 6:10 am to work out. If there wasn’t a group of folks waiting to meet me, you can bet I’d be fast asleep.”
Jim A.

“I have found the Camp to be quite challenging. Having not worked out seriously for almost a year, your workouts have been fantastic. Being in the group setting, I find that I push myself harder and therefore get a better workout.”

"I was very nervous (literally did not sleep the night before my first day at camp), in retrospect, I had nothing to fear. The camp is geared towards challenging each individual to push themselves and there's very little pressure to compete against your camp-mates. I would encourage anyone to give boot camp a try, no matter how fit, or unfit, they are going into the first session."
Martha L

"Boot Camp has been 10 times more effective than working out at the gym. It provides the extra moral support I needed to keep at it. "
April H

“The class makes me work much harder than I ever would on my own, which is awesome!  The challenge level is great. I think everyone is pushed yet can still work at the level that works for them.”
Molly H

"I loved the variety and intensity of the workouts. Terri pushed us while making us laugh and I was challenged to keep up with the other campers in class. Everyone was supportive. No egos, just a fun, supportive workout."
Anna P.

"I came into boot camp thinking I was in okay shape, but I've learned that in my own individual workouts, I had not been pushing myself to the level of intensity that I needed to get into better shape. Boot camp has done that for me."
Brooke R

"I have noticed clothes are all too big, my endurance is greater, and I have tons of energy. It was much harder than other fitness classes I've taken...but in a good way. I used muscles I haven't used in a LONG time."
Melissa A

"I've never done something so wonderfully organized as this boot camp. It's great not to have to think about anything except to follow instructions and know that the instructor has appropriately planned out the entire workout."

Boot Camp has given me the results I wanted to see.  It makes me excited to sign up for more. The workouts are hard but challenging in a very fun way! The trainers are awesome, especially Jenn! It really helps me keep pushing myself when she encourages us with the phrase, "You are giving your body such an amazing gift..." I never really looked at it that way. That made it feel fun and not like work.
Melissa F

"Great way to kick start a struggling or boring fitness routine. Before boot camp, I swam 4 days a week with a Master's team but had not seen any fitness improvement in a while. After 3 weeks of boot camp I had lost 3 pounds and felt stronger in the pool."
Christina S

I am way more energized and excited to go to Boot Camp than I have been to any other fitness class or even my personal training sessions. With fitness classes or personal training sessions it can get monotonous and boring after awhile it can be hard to get motivated. With Boot Camp it's always different and always fun!
Tracy H.

"Jenn is fabulous. I'm not fit, at all, and she is so encouraging and positive. She seems to balance well the variety of fitness levels in the course so that everyone is being pushed."
Martha L

“Thanks for the great Boot Camp. I had a blast and it is an amazing workout mixing strength training with cardio - and it was fun!  Also being outdoors is great.  Being a mom, it was great to feel like a kid for an hour amidst all my responsibilities knowing that my child was well taken care of at the Kids Club daycare.” 

"I can't figure out how I'm managing to get up at 5:30 am to work out in the pitch black and cold. All I can say is something is motivating about this class that has been missing in other classes I've taken (of which there have been many). Thanks for making this available."

"The biggest difference between the gym and Boot Camp is the variety.  At a gym things are pretty much the same, with Boot Camp it seems different all the time."

“I love this camp! It's hard, but not impossible. I love how Linzee says, "Ask your body for ten more seconds!!!"  Sometimes I want to give up, but then Linzee encourages me, and I don't give up. I know I can do it, and it helps to have that extra push! She is so great!”
Nicole V

"Yes, I feel stronger, leaner, more confident about what I can do. I used to think running 3 miles was so hard. I now run a 6-mile loop at least once a week and feel that it is an easy day. I think it has really affected my mental attitude about what I can do and how hard I can push myself."
Susan J

"I feel like I got a better all-around workout than I have in other types of classes. The workouts were really well-rounded and definitely whipped me into shape.  Plus, the group atmosphere really helped keep me motivated."

"I liked the "peer pressure" aspect.  I tend to exercise by myself and I found that, in boot camp, I was more likely to push myself harder than I might have otherwise done.  Also, it was really inspiring to see all the other participants pushing themselves, too."
Tamera B.

"Sam is one of the best trainers that I've ever worked with. She is so energetic, understands my abilities and helps me push myself towards my fitness goals."
Ashley C

"The "fun" stuff that gives us the illusion that we are "playing' instead of working! There have been some creative games and sprinting tasks that feel more like play than work, and I am easily tricked into having a good time."
Elizabeth B

"I love the variation in exercises.  The workout it always fun, and intense. I can really see the effort and preparation that is put into each class."
Alicia G

“The class is great! I never realized how weak I was at strength training, so it's good for me to do all the muscle-burning upper and lower body workouts. Thanks! Looking forward to the rest of the classes.”

"I loved the "feeling" I had from finishing a morning session and starting my work day--best anti-depressant!"

“Your enthusiasm and positive attitude were great to wake up to twice a week.  I don't think I had seen sunrise on the Flatirons before either.”
Julie B.

“The camp was just right with the personal options to make everything harder if I wanted.”

“The value of the camp was great – what a deal!”

“Fitness camp was a constant motivator for me to stay committed to achieving new levels of fitness. The classes were fun and the people were awesome. It’s amazing what you’re capable of when you put your mind to it!”

“This class was well conducted for varying skill levels, was light humored and the soreness just crept up on you (that’s good)”

“Fitness Camp was a great value and I learned a lot.”

“I like it that you make us stretch before and after and the amount seems just right. Also, the sack races were fun and add to the variety. Four weeks is too short – can we have another?”

“I loved Boot Camp. It was the first fitness class I have done in a long time and I liked being pushed by the others.”

“It was nice to have a fun and challenging workout and not have to worry about my son. The daycare is convenient and my son has fun interacting with others. I get to be outside while meeting others and getting in great shape---what more can you ask for.”

“Fitness Boot Camp was a great way to get moving in the morning. Both my mind and my body were challenged."

“The variety that you have been providing keeps it very fresh and interesting.”

“I have always tended to neglect my legs and therefore they are my weakest link. Your leg days have really been a challenge and much appreciated.”

“I think that I have been able to feel just about every muscle in my body. You seem to have captured a total body workout.”

“When I came to Boot Camp I had no workout regimen. Now I can easily raise my heart rate and do strengthening routines and plan to implement those into my life. Fitness Boot Camp worked for me! Thanks Dave.”

“It was really fun for me to do something different, break up my routine, and meet new people.”

“I’m really getting a lot out of camp and appreciate the positive encouragement!”

“Camp was very different than working with a personal trainer. I like the class format and the team atmosphere.”



weight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternative, yoga class and fitness classes, boulder Louisville COweight loss boulder, lose weight, health club boulder, fitness center boulder, athletic club, boulder rec center, personal trainer boulder alternative, yoga class and fitness classes, boulder Louisville CO
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Boulder weight loss and boulder health club and boulder fitness center alternative.  Yoga classes, yoga studio, fitness classes Boulder, Louisville Colorado
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Boulder weight loss and boulder health club and boulder fitness center alternative.  Yoga classes, yoga studio, fitness classes Boulder, Louisville Colorado

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